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Xbox: A New Generation Revealed

A New Generation RevealedXbox Campus, Redmond WA Tuesday, May 21st @ 1p ET/10a PT/17:00 GMT Advertisements

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What To Do When Your Kids Favorite DVD Gets Messed Up

You wake up with the theme song of Aloha Scooby-Doo running in your head. You can mouth the dialog to Tangled, even the quick side jokes. You ask incredulously, “You want to see that again?” These scenarios are all too … Continue reading

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What To Do About The Avengers Movie Tie-In Game

Role playing time. You’re Marvel. In an incredibly complex amount of chess-like moves you’ve done the near impossible. Not only have you launched a major motion picture studio to create movies based on your superheroes, you laid the groundwork for … Continue reading

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Is Going Away on Xbox LIVE?

In 2009 it was with a lot of fanfare Microsoft announced that Xbox LIVE Gold members would get access to web services Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, and True, those services were free on PCs but it nice having them on … Continue reading

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Books: Suck It, Wonder Woman by Olivia Munn. I Call Shenanigans.

Let me start by saying I like Olivia Munn. As the host of G4TV’s Attack of the Show she’s likeable, sexy, and seems to be more than a pretty face reading off the teleprompter. Her easy rapport with co-host Kevin … Continue reading

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TV: Persons Unknown is What The Prisoner Remake Should’ve Been

Anyone remember The Prisoner? It was British TV series from the 60s that had a cult following in the U.S. A former secret agent wakes up to find that he’s been exiled to a seaside villa. It made its mark … Continue reading

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ESPN on Xbox is Evil. Here’s Why.

When Microsoft announced that they would soon carry ESPN live and on-demand events on the Xbox 360, sports fans got excited. When they revealed that the service was free for Xbox LIVE Gold members, everyone cheered. I’m not a sports … Continue reading

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