Books: Suck It, Wonder Woman by Olivia Munn. I Call Shenanigans.

Let me start by saying I like Olivia Munn. As the host of G4TV’s Attack of the Show she’s likeable, sexy, and seems to be more than a pretty face reading off the teleprompter. Her easy rapport with co-host Kevin Pereira feels genuine with sense of humor between friends. People I know who’ve met her report that she’s friendly and outgoing. I’ll even say I enjoyed reading her book, Suck It, Wonder Woman. It’s light, easy reading. Funny essays scattered with stories of her life. Some of them heartbreaking, like the story of her grandma.

510qTWnBquL._SL500_AA300_[1] Thing is I only believe half of it and believe she wrote none of it. Look at this cover. Right under her name in tiny letters is “with Mac Montandon.” Co-writers for celebrity autobiographies are nothing new. Normally, you expect the celeb would write a rough draft and the co-author would go in and whip it into shape. The chapters in Munn’s book are short and breezy like magazine articles. What a surprise, Mac Montandon is a magazine writer/editor. Hmm. The longer stories read like she told them to Montandon over lunch with a tape recorder running in the background.

In one story she relates about how she moved to a new high school but had no friends. Not even the guys would talk to her. She also dropped the tidbit that before she had moved there she had been modeling in Japan. Whoa, whoa, whoa. You were a professional model in Japan and high school boys didn’t want to hang out with you? Bullshit!

There’s also several funny stories of how shockingly depraved Hollywood is. How juicy! Someone call TMZ. But wait, she won’t name names. Just vague descriptions of famous director, famous producer, famous actor. It comes across like made up stories like that lying kid on the playground would tell. “I knew a kid who ate a dog once.” “Oh, yeah. Who?” “You wouldn’t know him. He lives in another town.”

You can see where the real writer threw in little references to win over the geek audience. So you’d rather be playing Call of Duty, Olivia? How come you never participate in game discussions on Attack of the Show? How come when you demo a new title it’s the same comical running around in circles move that you see when your mom tries playing games.

Olivia Munn reminds me of FOX News’ Bill O’Reilly. He was a generic talking head newscaster, best known for the sleazy tabloid show A Current Affair, until he went on FOX News and found a niche audience that loved what he was reading off the machine. Suddenly, he became the spokesperson for the conservative right-wing. Though nothing in his past indicated that bent. I don’t believe Olivia Munn is a life long geek. She found an audience that boosted her career above that of L.A. actress #5,917 so she embraced them and is riding them on on her way up magazine shoots, The Daily Show, and now a primetime sitcom on NBC. Suck It, Wonder Woman is a fun book, but it isn’t an autobiography. It’s “based on a true story” if you know what that means in movies.

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